Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal treatment (Endodontics)?

The pulp of the tooth can be destroyed as a result of decay or injury. This will restrict the blood supply to the pulp tissue resulting in an infection leading to an abscess and toothache.

If the tooth is not treated, then the infection will spread through the root canal and the tooth may need to be extracted.

Root canal treatment is a time consuming surgery that requires a lot of skill.

Complex root canal procedures, such as failed root canal (root canal re-treatment) are sometimes referred to an endodontist.


Dental Microscope

Dental microscope

Accurate treatment is not only dependent on the technical skills and knowledge of the dentist, but also on clear, detailed visualization of the surgical field.

As the outcome of an endodontic therapy is influenced by many factors that are not visible to the naked eye – e.g. additional root canals or anatomical variations – the high magnification and illumination provided by a dental microscope has become indispensable for both diagnosis and therapy. Today, it is widely agreed that the use of dental microscopes has helped to extend endodontic treatment potential.

A dental microscope can provide significant visualization benefits at all stages of endodontic treatment, from diagnosis and exposure of the access cavity to preparation, and from three-dimensional obturation to post endodontic management.

High magnification, large depth of field and bright, coaxial illumination of the surgical field can reveal fine details, helping the dentist to manage difficult cases with increased precision.