Cross-Infection Control

At Camberley Dental Practice we take the well-being and safety of our patients very seriously. We understand the concerns many patients have over cross infection control. Camberley Dental Practice follows all of the national guidelines for cross infection control. We use disposable materials wherever possible. In situations where the use of disposable equipment is not possible the following methods are used to ensure the highest levels of sterility. Cross infection control prevents the spreading of infectious diseases from staff to patient, patient to staff and from one patient to another.

At Camberley Dental Practice we use the latest equipment and strict cross infection control protocol to protect our patients.

Washer and chemical disinfector

Washer and chemical disinfectors are sophisticated medical devices used to clean the instrument prior to the use of the autoclave.


Autoclaves are by far the most effective way of killing germs. All instruments such as mirrors, dental drills and metal hand instruments that are capable of being autoclaved are fully sterilised after every patient. The autoclave works by bathing the instruments over a period of time with steam at a very high temperature and pressure.

Chemical Disinfection

Some instruments such as plastics, the work surfaces and the dental chair cannot be placed inside an autoclave. These items are fully disinfected using powerful chemicals which are designed to kill bacteria and viruses.

Gloves and Masks

A new set of disposable gloves is worn for every patient. The dentist will wear a face mask during any operative procedure. These simple precautions are highly effective in the prevention of cross infection.