Orthodontics At Camberley Dental Practice

Here at Camberley Dental Practice we are delighted to offer Cfast braces treatment for rapid teeth straightening.

Cfast Teeth Straightening System

This revolutionary system is suitable for adults and teenagers and is becoming increasingly popular and affordable.

What is the Cfast Teeth Straightening System?

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Cfast is a special orthodontic (brace) system which is designed to act mainly on the “social six” front teeth of adults and teenagers. In an average of around 6 months you can expect to see a significant transformation of misaligned teeth into a beautiful, straight new smile!

At your consultation, we will advise just how long we expect your teeth straightening transformation to take but this will vary from person to person.

How does the Cfast braces system work?

Whilst there are now numerous ways to have your teeth straightened, the Cfast system is different to most in that it acts on the front visible teeth only. These teeth are typically easier to move into place than teeth nearer the rear of the mouth and hence the straightening can often be a lot faster.

Using a set of specially designed tooth-coloured wires and brackets, Cfast gently moves your teeth into the desired position. Because the brace is made to match the colour of your teeth, it is much more discreet than traditional braces using wires and brackets. It’s hard to notice that someone is wearing Cfast even close up!

Before and after Cfast treatment

Before and after Cfast treatment

Is Cfast painful?

All orthodontic treatments can feel a little uncomfortable for the first week or so as you get used to it, however most patients soon do and report little or no ongoing discomfort.

Will I need to have teeth removed?

With Cfast, tooth extraction is typically not required. To create space for the teeth to slide into position, we use a safe and tested technique whereby a polishing strip is used to create a very small gap between adjacent teeth.

Will I be restricted in what I can eat?

With any straightening system using wires and brackets, there are some restrictions on what you can eat. For example, it is best to avoid nuts, crunchy bread or anything hard which may dislodge the brackets. Some tooth-staining foods may also affect the brackets and are also best avoided.

Will I need to wear retainers after treatment?

Regardless of the type of teeth straightening system used, your teeth will gradually move back out of position if you don’t wear retainers. Cfast provides both a fixed and removable retainer and we will discuss each type with you during your treatment.

Before and after Cfast treatment

Before and after Cfast treatment

The main benefits of straighter teeth

There are numerous benefits to straight teeth including:

  • A more pleasing smile
  • Improved confidence in business and social situations
  • Improved oral hygiene – straight teeth are easier to keep clean
  • An improved ‘bite’ which can relieve jaw, head and neck pain
  • Potential to improve facial shape restoring balance to the lips, cheeks and chin


Are you ready to take the step towards straighter teeth and a great new smile?

Why not see how Camberley Dental Practice can help you achieve straighter teeth? Please call our friendly team on 01276 61626 to arrange your consultation today.